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Asus TP410UA nvme support
Hi, i have an a asus TP410UAR and a samsung 970pro nvme  and it is not recognized by uefi and windows. 
I have the last bios, 306.
There is any way to support nvme drives or the m2 port it's only ahci (asus support says it is only sata)
My notebook: TP410UAR 8550u, 8gb onboard, 8gb crucial 2400, m2 micron 1100 256gb, sata 840 pro 512gb. 
Thanks a lot!
I have open the bios file with AMIBCP and i haven't see anything hidden about nvme. And on storage configuration appears only AHCI.
Zenbook with the same processor (and a very similar mainboard) have nvme. I think it is a desidered limitation for a middle class ultrabook with m2 port with physics m key and 4 lane X3 pci express.
This forum have open my mind, Thanks.
Im having the very same issue! I have a Samsung EVO 960 and an Intel S6 NVME MM2. None of them being recognized neither by bios nor windows. Im wondering why, since you can purchase this computer with either a SSD or a HDD. I thought it would be plug and play, but I guess Asus has something hidden. Something that must be tweaked in order to enable NVME SSD. Im on same BIOS model, Version 306, GOP 9.0.1063 and EC F0KL2702.002.
I wish someone has the cheat code. Please, if you find the solution, keep me posted. I will as soon as I find something.
I have open and reopen the bios many times but there is nothing hidden for nvme configuration like others asus zenbook's bios.
There il some strings called *nvme* but nothing on setup page. I think it would take a bios artfully modified starting from a bios zenbook, not a simple de-hidden bios.

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