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Asus ami p4s800d-x
Hey I heard about hidden settings in the bios.
After a lot of searching i still cant figure it out how to do it with my own bios.
I would like to control the voltage settings of the cpu and the ram.
(yeah its stupid this is not "standard" in it already)
Sow could someone help me out how i should do this?

(btw I'm Dutch, so it would be nice if you could explain anything simple)

Greetings, David
Sorry , there arent any hidden settings in this bios Sad

Ami tend to have features taken out of them , rather than hidden im afraid

www find
That really sucks Sad
It seems to be i bought the wrong board in the past. for now.
Its probably imposible to use a part of the bios from the p4s800d-e deluxe board. This one has this settings, but has the sis 655tx chip instead of sis655fx.

But, how did you check it?
AMIBCP Program
www find
I'm confused,.
I opened my file, with amibcp v3.13.
If i look under bios strings (the tab thing)
And watch at "token" 0x0246 it says: DDR reference voltage.
and below of that under "token" 0x0247 till 0x024a theair seems to be 4 settings.
But why cant i change it. It's not hidden in the menu.
There are values for it anyway :S

Thanx for the help allready Smile

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