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(Bios Corrupted) TravelMate P238-G2-M
Hey there i was trying to upgrade my bios but things didn't go right.
Everything was normal until it was about to restart, laptop shutdown with a weird noise and it started again but this time all i can hear are the fans, and monitor has just a little bit of light but almost dark. 
I tried flashing bios with an usb followed the instructions (Fat32, gave the right system to it etc..). Couldn't find an usb smaller than 8GB.
When i press Fn and Esc i hear the fans go up but then laptop shutsdown after about 5 seconds and starts up again with almost no noise for about 30 seconds then fans start making some noise again and then go off but not the same as when i try flashing the bios.
Any suggestion is welcome. 
[Image: heart.gif]

Laptop: TravelMate P238-G2-M

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