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Bios help, I'm stuck
So, I believe that I have Award BIOSversion F5. I can't confirm due to my current predicament. I had selected "Load optimized Bios options" or something similar to that. Then I rebooted, and now I'm stuck. On reboot, I get a flash of the bios logo picture (the one where it gives options like pressing "del" for the main bios options). No matter what key I press, I can't seem to get it to go into the bios. 

Then it loads a page that says:

Serial ATA AHCI BIOS, Version iSrc 1.20E
Copyright © 2003-2008 Intel Corporation                                              23
** This version supports only Hard Disk and CDROM drives **
Please wait. This will take a few seconds.

Controller Bus#00, Device#1F, Function#02: 06 Ports, 04 Devices

And, I wait several hundred seconds (even half an hour), with just a flashing _ . I cant type anything or seem to get any response. The 23 doesn't count down, and my keyboard worked fine before. I've disconnected and reconnected it to no avail.

If I could simply get back to the BIOS menu, I could undo my optimized option.

Currently running Windows 10, though I don't know if that applies to this situation.
Update 4/16/2018

It seems to freeze only when there's one particular hdd connected to it. It is the hdd that had Windows 10 on it. My 2 other hdds allow me to continue past this point. Is there any way to get past this error, without wiping the hdd clean?

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