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Can I use this bios instead of requesting a mod?
Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I'm glad that I found you guys and gals. You see, I built my son's new computer yesterday, but I need some help with the bios. With the current bios, the max CPU voltage is 1.3v, but the 95w Phenom II X4, which the motherboard supposedly supports, needs more juice to run at 2.8GHz. According to the manual, the voltage should go much higher, but it does not. And the MINIMUM RAM voltage is 1.95v, but the DDR2 RAM that I'm using only requires 1.8v, so I'm having to run it at 667MHz instead of 800MHz to make up for the extra heat from the high voltage..

I tried updating the bios via Biostar's website, but it was the same (and only) bios. And I know that I can buy a full featured bios from Award/Phoenix, but I'm trying to keep things as cheap as possible. I bought a $40 motherboard and $75 CPU for a reason. Besides Starcraft 2, I doubt that my son will play many PC games at this point. But my question is this. Does anyone think it would be likely that the bios from the Biostar N68S3B motherboard will work with the Biostar N68S motherboard? The motherboards are almost identical, and they use same chipset, but I'm not exactly sure if there are specific drivers for smaller components built into the bios, like the voltage controllers for instance.

So anyone with some experience with bioses, PLEASE help me out! Christmas is getting near, and I need to know whether or not to exchange this motherboard. Thanks in advance btw!
Nevermind! I looked through your site and read some tutorials! Great stuff btw! But I used modbin6 to edit the bios and allow the higher CPU votages. The new bios is already installed and working, lol.. Thanks for the great info!

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