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Can't Install SSD Disk - Sony Vaio Phoenix BIOS
Hello guys,

I have a Sony Vaio VGNFZ430E (with Poenix R2110J7 BIOS) and i am not able to configure an OS using SSD disk. This notebook comes with a sata hard drive from the factory, however when I put an SSD in its place I noticed that the BIOS does not support me to format the system and use it.
For testing purposes, I installed Windows 10 on the SSD on another computer and simply placed this SSD on my Vaio. I went to the BIOS and chose the internal storage disk option as the first boot option. To my surprise I get the message "Operating System not found".
Can anybody help me? Is there any way to make this SSD work on this notebook? Maybe a BIOS update? Or is it not supported?

Appreciate your help
Could be an issue with the drive set up as MBR instead of GBT which is the system windows 10 and UEFI bio's love to work with these days.

You could try setting bios in legacy mode if it allows you, but if not I'd try popping the drive into another computer and doing the MBR to GBT convert command on it in diskpart, then try popping it back into the laptop.

FYI there are 2 convert processes you can do. One has you clean the drive which will wipe everything, but there's another command that I know a few programs can use that will convert it without wiping data. One that is free is called MiniTool Partition Wizard. The free version will allow you to convert drives without issue or loss of data, but you do need another computer for this.

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