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Cpu and hypertheading support for dell studio 15.
Hello, I have a dell studio 1557 with a core i7 processor and an A02 phoenix bios that allows me to do hardly anything to it. The bios I have is easily available off of dells website and I am wondering if any one could kindly mod this bios for me so I can play with the settings like I should be able to do in the first place. I am willing to donate to gain this ability. Just ask me if you need me to do anything or provide you with more information. EDIT: I just realized I posted this in the wrong spot.
Well we can only unlock Award Phoenix bioses, not the standard Phoenix. If your bios is a WPH then we unfortunatly cannot help you, if its a bin you may be in luck.

www find
I found out by opening the phlash utility its .wph so looks like Im out of luck.

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