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D630 slic2.1 flash problem
I flashed my dell D630 using files from this thread:
Unfortunatelly, after flash SLIC_Dump_ToolKit reports 'no slic table'.
Bios file looks ok - phoenixtool reports slic2.1 present, other users report it works for them.
So why it does not work for me?
I tried to reflash using original bios from dell - no slic tables as well. I guess they should be present for xp activation?
Found the solution:

This part worked:
Quote:1.boot to dos ( i used hiren's boot from pendrive ) svctag
3.type y to confirm change service tag
4.type new service tag (just use your original one)
5.type again to confirm new service tag asset PASS:12/31 or 12/34
7.reboot to check

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