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Dell Vostro 15-3568 AMI-BIOS Unlock
My system is a Dell Vostro 15(3568)


Latest BIOS Link:

My config(Dell pre-installed, same MB comes with other configs too):

CPU-> Intel Pentium 4415U, KabyLake - 2 cores 4 threads @ 2.30 GHz    ---- BUT IT RUNS AT 2.29 GHz
GPU: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 610
RAM-> 4GB DDR4 1rX16 2400 MHz
HDD-> ITB 5400 RPM 2.5 inch laptop hdd

1) Kindly make the CPU run at 2.30 GHz, even with C-states off in BIOS it runs at 2.29 ghz, only sometimes at 2.30 ghz

2) On BIOS info page it says lowest processor speed is 0.40 Ghz, but it never clocks down to 0.40 ghz even with no load in windows power saver plan it stays at 0.70 Ghz.... Check the CPU multiplier values for Pentium 4415U

3) Speaker volume increase pre-amp/override possible in BIOS?

4) On power on, it takes quite some time to show the Dell logo. Can't we make it faster?

5) When system is in sleep, there is no indication.
    Only one chasis LED is there- white & amber.
    Can you make it glow/breathe or blink while when system is in sleep mode?

6) Any other settings unlockable?

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