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Disble IvyBridge VCC_GFX SVID comunication to power ic
Hello friends, sorry for my poor English. I have a customers Sony SVE151 series DA0HK5MB6F0 MBX-269 motherboard notebook and some repairman badly operations done before notebook come to me. I am decide to remove GPU because solder pads missing , then examine to schematic and I made all the necessary changes for converting uma graphics. Discrete bios cause 2 - 3 seconds to shutdown, UMA bios cause 10 - 15 seconds to shutdown No screen.I am reball HM76 (SLJ8E) but nothing change

" Fix Auto Shutdown when switching DIS to UMA test ok Attached Files: Sony MBX-269 fix"

this file in some sites but I can not get it. Someone already fix but I do not get the file because Paypal all operations stop 06.06.2016 in Turkey.
  I am connect old gpu s power to cpu s VCC_GFX line and I suspect CPU (SR0TX IvyBridge) request something to ISL95835 but no get answer then shutdown because motherboard VCC_GFX disable (tied 5v) already for discrete ATI gpu.
Can someone disable VCC_GFX SVID comm to ISL ic or all svid comm if it is neccessary. I must try something.I need one (DA0HK5MB6F0__MBX-269_hm76 file) uma edit first, thanks.

10 -15 sec shutdown uma bios
dis and uma stock bios

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