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Does anyone have the BIOS + EC for Dell Alienware 13 R1?
My ec chip got busted so I ordered a replacement chip. Problem is I don't have the EC rom to flash the chip with...
Does anyone have the BIOS (8MB) AND EC rom(2MB) for Dell Alienware 13 R1

Believe me I have, searched far and wide to no avail, but still I cannot find these files...
If someone has it, it would be a great help...

Anyway if no one has it, there is another option in helping.
I checked the dell download website for Alienware 13 R2, a BIOS update there had a description the it includes the EC...
But it's in .exe format
Can someone help me in extracting the ec rom from that update (

Thank you very much in advance.
This is an old thread but for those that need this kind of help, "" is the best place for this. :-)

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