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EPIA MII-Series Mini-ITX Board
Could anyone modify the award bios from this board so that a resolution from 1680 x 1050 can be set in the VGA Bios (e.g . instead of 1600 x 1200).
The latest regular bios could be found here:

It has been done elsewhere fro another via mini-itx board. To my information the integrated graphics will support 1680 x 1050,if it is set so in the VGA bios.

best regards

Hello And Welcome To!

I took a look at your bios and there was loads to unlock , including overclocking options and much more!

I dont know whether the option your after is there , but theres definately lots to play around with!

Modded Bios:

Flash it at your own risk!


www find
wow thanks that was quite fast, i think I gonna flash this bios and report about it.

So done: Great oc features I easily raised cpu multiplicator from 9 (default) to 10,5, later I try to raise the FSB.
But badly the resolutions are still not supported. There is somewhere information in the bios for the available resolutions which are:
640*480, 800*600, 1024*768, 1200*768, 1200*1024, 1400*1050 and 1600*1200. It would be fine if 1400*1050 could be changed to 1680*1050 but i don know how to do this.
On another Via platform someone described success for this:
Il have to work out how he did this and where those options are

Il look into it Big Grin
www find
(06-19-2009, 09:20 PM)Administrator Wrote: Il have to work out how he did this and where those options are

Il look into it Big Grin

In the VGA Bios Part named CLe....Bin inside the biso I found one appearances of 1400 1050 which maybe could be edited to 1680 1050 but I dont know how to bring the CLE...Bin (I dont remember the exact name by now) back into the right place. (An Attempt to do this shot down my bios chip and I have to get a new one by now)

looking forward hearing from you
i have no expertise in this area , im sorry mate

Il try again later Big Grin
www find

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