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GA-MA790X-DS4 Phenom II Update need help.
I've checked the gigabyte website for a while, i was expecting to see some new cpumicrocode from gigabyte.
They actually told these motherboard owners to buy new motherboards because the cpumicrocode size is full.
Is this really true? I really wanted to add the phenom 2 x6 so it can be recognized by the motherboard.
I've tried to search the forums here and there for answers but i can't seem to find them. I've also read a few tutorials and have learned alot. I'm really glad to be around here now.
But first i want to add my new NCPUCODE.BIN to my bios.
CBROM tells me the NCPUCODE.BIN is 24.00K, and the latest NCPUCODE.BIN i've downloaded from wizkids thread is 30k.
Can i simply add it? Or do i need to delete older processors to make up for the cpucode size?
Im using the F10 bios MA79XDS4.bin See attachment.
Thanks for your consideration!

:help is needed because the size difference gives an error, and extracting the original ncpucpode is a no go.
Good thing is i have dual bios so i can actually flash it without having a dead mobo.
I know the micro code should be compatible with all south bridges if im not mistaking.
I tried to free up some space by releasing the award bios logo and releasing the ncpumicro code.
I have 26.76K in Remain compress code space.
The new micro code is 30k Sad.

F9 Bios
Quote:Update CPU ID(AGESA for PhenomII /AthlonII AM3 CPU)

Quote:F10A Beta BIOS

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.bin   MA79XDS4.bin (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 2)
in theory it would be possible to remove other modules like the splash screen to create more free space for the bigger cpu microcode (biggest AMD CPUCODE file is 30kb)

Anything you dont use? LAN? RAID?


[Image: adminsig.jpg]

I will not be held responsible for anything that may go wrong with your BIOS, and by downloading a modded bios you are held responsible for what you choose to do with it. Big Grin

Looking for a whitelist disabled HP bios?
www find
Well the thing is i got really mad because it always kept saying that the bios file is invalid and it was recovering from the backup bios.
I got mad and actually enable the DMI part between the main and boot options in awardwin tool.
Now it's dead Big Grin i'm not even sure if i can fix it Wink

And no i don't use lan/raid. (just 1 drive connected to the SATA port)

:EDIT: I made the motherboard force to recover the bios by connecting 2 pins to eachother with a paper clip. (CE Chip Enable & SCK Clock)
It's all working now! And i don't have steady hands Wink more like 2 left hands.
page 3 Datasheet Wink

Ok for an Autist i've done dangerous stuff but who doesn't dares who does not learn! So still big thanks to this website/forum.

Anyways is there still someone who is able to do the bios modding to add the 30kb ncpu code to the F10 bios without making it invalid somehow?
I guess hex editing is needed for this motherboard.

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