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[HELP] Can't flash Acer E5-575 laptop
Hi guys/gals,

I had an issue with my E5-575-51GG laptop and had to swap mobo. After the swap I saw something that I've never seen before. I can power on the laptop by pressing the keyboard's power button, and I can enter the UEFI config screen by pressing F2. However, after that the keyboard and touchpad stop working. I can use the laptop with an external USB keyboard and mouse, but obviously this is not feasible for a portable device. The keyboard and touchpad flat cables are correctly inserted in the connector and they are confirmed working with my previous mobo.

My previous mobo has the latest BIOS 1.47 while this replacement mobo has 1.04. So, I decided to try a BIOS update to see if that would make any difference. For some reason I cannot flash 1.47 on the replacement mobo. After using H2OFFT-W.exe on 1.47, the laptop reboots into flash mode, shows the current version and the new version and then I get a message that says "Unable to flash". I activated platform.ini's log and I got a log file but it doesn't say anything useful. I also put 1.04 (same current version) on a flash drive to see if I could at least reflash the same BIOS version doing Fn+ESC to no avail.

I believe the configuration is corrupted. Please check out the attached picture showing the serial number and asset data. Something is clearly wrong. Any ideas? How can I rewrite the configuration or wipe it to get rid of the corruption?


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