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HP Compaq 6005 Pro (786G6)

I want to unlock the bios version V1.17 for my HP compaq 6005 PRO.
The supported cpu is only from Phenom II X2 until X4, is it possible to unlock the bios so my Phenom II X6 1035T get supported?

Thank you!


Attached Files
.zip   DOS (Size: 685.64 KB / Downloads: 34)
I need BIOS unlock for HP Compaq 6005 Pro USDT please.

File is here:

I have downloaded it but cannot find ay tools that will edit the .bin file?

The Advanced Menu is accessible but most features missing
Specifically need settings to enable the AMD DP / HDMI audio device which HP decided to disable.

Can post BIOS menu screenshots if needed.

Thanks for any help
Are there any updates to this thread?

I have exactly the same question and want to unlock my HP BIOS v1.17.
Main reason for this is to use more CPU's (Black Edition CPU's)  & Overclocking (x3 to x4 - enable core)

thanks a lot

greetz MichiM
BIOS 1.17 has support for this CPUID only:
CPUID    Microcode  Date
0x10F040 0x01000085 05/01/2008
0x10F041 0x01000086 05/01/2008
0x10F042 0x01000086 05/01/2008
0x10F043 0x010000B6 07/31/2009
0x10F052 0x01000086 05/01/2008
0x10F053 0x010000B6 07/31/2009
0x10F062 0x010000B7 07/31/2009
0x10F063 0x010000B6 07/31/2009
Phenom II X6 with Thuban core isn't supported.
Athlon II X4 & Phenom II X4 with Zosma core aren't supported.
I can't change it, but all CPUs with other cores should work.
Thanks for the fast reply, that helps a lot!

Can I assume that the "Phenom II X4 955" is the fastest suitable CPU for my board compared to this list? (regarding core & TDP and excluding the Business CPU's)

btw. I just ordered the Phenom II X4 945 from ebay. I will give an update after I did the practice check.
So, i tested the Phenom II X4 945 and it works fine.

I guess the Phenom II X4 955 is the best CPU possible, if not using a Business CPU Modell.
The best Business CPU Model is probably the B95. Would be interesting if the B99 would also work.
Nice news!
Hey pardon me but i am a newbie at this kind of stuff and am wondering if there is a hack for my Compaq 6005 sff pro bios .
My bios version is 786G6 v01.17   bios link

system specs sempron 145 2.8
                      ram 4gb single channel
Sad dont really know what to add next am hoping to unlock the advance menu in the bios for overclocking and unlocking
or just changing the bios entirely any response would be much appreciated
Just curious how did you check what microcode was supported? Is there way to determine what type of BIOS this is eg: AMI,Awards?
I'm not a tutor.

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