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HP DC7700 CPU upgrade
(06-03-2015, 09:08 PM)genius239 Wrote: Inspiron 530S's bios type was award bios.
I have extracted bios file and flash utility ,then i already injected micro code into it.
Here is download link:!ngoyHZbQ!DDw3DrHGK9...J1502kDS2Y



Thank You!  Is there anything you can tell me about if support had to be removed?

Should I flash as normal through the dell standard flash utility I believe on DOS promt?

Wink Tongue Smile Tongue  Big Grin
hi, i have the same machine, the hp DC7700 converible minitower and i would like modd my bios because my core 2 duo E7500 run at 1,60ghz and no 2,93ghz. i would like change multiplier coefficient in the bios. can you help me please ?
Yeah I'd like to help but had to move on really sucks... Now i'm on an HP A1640N intel 965g and updated for 1066 quad support.

Installed Intel Xeon L5320 1866 x 4 Cores only 50 watts. Though it boots to 66 Mhz x 7 Multi = 466Mhz Sad

So I'm trying to have someone add proper support, to support the full speed.
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z.
shulfe Wrote:[Image: DSLRroXIzZc.jpg]
[Image: E65h_xEXelM.jpg]
As Ypu can see, another problem is native CPU run at half speed.
[Image: 177c3au4lld7ig77g.jpg]
It isn't microcode error. This verification is in the compressed part of the BIOS.
Sorry but I can't unpack it for modifying...
Yeah I had this issue on HP A1640N, and I totally forgot who edited the bios to make it work @ 266mhz rather than 66mhz.... Someone somewhere made it work at least for the A1640N on say Xeon L5320 1.86Ghz Quad-Core... Which runs so amazing on such an ancient motherboard that only ever knew of P4 performance.... From P4 to Xeon-Quad-Core is wild the performance difference... I'm searching around to find who was able to fix this flaw... Since I have E7500 & E7600 on the way for DC7700 SFF : By the way i'm running Intel Xeon 3070 @ 2667Mhz Dual-Core (Faster than E6700 by a good margin)(Just barely capable of 1080p youtube on the cpu alone)(Windows Experience Index with 8GB DDR2-800 Dual-Channel is 6.1 CPU 6.1 Memory on Xeon 3070)(Windows Experience Index DC7700 SFF on Radeon HD 7570 1GB 128-bit GDDR5@ RBE'ed 750Mhz core 1000Mhz memory (64GB/s : 6Gpixel : 18Gtexel) is 7.0 Graphics & 7.0 Gaming Graphics)(It's LGA775 so pops right in and works beautifully if its our only option for max performance)(Tested Q6600 : CPU Unsupported Error) and its pretty darn fast man so you might try it... I'm also going to test Intel Xeon X3210 Quad-Core on the board as well....
HP A1640N has a standard Award BIOS. It can be easily modified. If you still need help with A1640N, then reply in the topic: HP A1640N CPU SPEED ONLY 466MHZ?
But I don't know how unpack BIOS for HP DC7700 SFF Sad
I've unpack it by hpdeco! I'm analysing results.
I've found interesting code in HPBIOS.016 module (for BIOS v3.07). On error it set status number 0x16 (1802-Processor Not Supported).
A9C5        pushad
A9C7        mov     ax, 0E7h
A9CA        call    0B780h
A9CD        test    bl, 1
A9D0        jnz     0xAA0Bh
A9D2        push    254Bh
A9D5        call    12A1h
A9D8        cmp     ax, 2
A9DB        ja      0A9FFh
A9DD        mov     ecx, 1A1h
A9E3        rdmsr
A9E5        bt      eax, 12h
A9EA        jnb     0AA0Bh
A9EC        mov     dx, 0FA0Ch
A9EF        in      eax, dx
A9F1        xor     eax, 80000h
A9F7        test    eax, 80000h
A9FD        jnz     0xAA0Bh
A9FF        mov     bx, 16h
AA02        call    0FFFFh:7618h
AA07        cli
AA08        hlt
AA09        jmp     0AA07h
AA0B        popad
AA0D        retn
Bad news that BIOS has a digital sing and can't be modified.

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