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HP P5BW-LA : All 1066 Quad Core Support : Q6600/Q6700/QX6800/X3230
I was able to get the v3.17 bios lined up for pretty much all 1333/ 1066 Quad Core CPU's.

It doesn't support Pentium 4's or anything, pretty much only 1333/ 1066 Quad's and pretty much all 1066 variants.

It contains all 1333 microcode as well so its possible it could support 1333 quad's as well with the microcode added.

F25 : 6F2 : 6F6 : 6F7 : 6FB : 6FD : 10676 : 10677 : 1067A

I tested Xeon E5405, E5450, and X5460. All of which didn't work. Maybe you need 1066 memory?

I think since chipset only supports 1066, it overclocks the bus to 1333 bringing ram up to about DDR2-1000.

I tested it and the Q6600 works, the Xeon dual core 3070, Xeon quad L5320. 

I think it should support QX6800 2.93Ghz Quad as well.  

Only need to enable Advanced Bios Menu.  It's a different key combo, I'm sure.  

There's an engineer advanced bios key combo for advanced options extras.

Though it's F1 to enter.  On F10 Bios, it's CTRL + F10.  On F1 BIOS, I have no idea.  I tried many different combo's.

If you find out which one it is, let me know?  It enabled Multiplier Control, Hardware Monitor fan speed & fan monitoring, C1E, StepSpeed, HyperThreading, among others.

The standard F1 BIOS menu is the "Basic" Menu.

HP P5BW-LA v3.17 Quad Core Unlocked
Thanks so much for your efforts. I'm confused about the "Only need to enable Advanced Bios Menu"  I'm currently running stock HP P5BW-LA v3.17. If I flash your bios it should enable a "Q9650" correct? or do I have to enable Advanced Bios Menu first?
Your welcome. If you want more tweaking options you would need to find out how to enter "Advanced Bios Menu" on F1 style BIOS. Not a requirement, just gives control over QX6800 Unlocked multi.

I'm 100% sure all 1066 Quad's will work : Q6600, Q6700, QX6700, QX6800, Xeon X3230 (2.67Ghz Likely faster than Q6700 by few %) with LGA771 notch/ sticker mod.

8GB Full support : Populate 4x2GB

I'm 0.01% sure any 1333 Quad's will work : Likely will not work with any 1333 Quad, Unless you have 1066 memory you could experiment but I doubt it. Code is there, Simply will not post.

It's amazing this board even can support Quad's now. So pickup the fastest 1066 Quad you can afford and take er' for a spin.

Good luck.

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