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HP Pavilion dv7-2230eg & QX9300
I want to use Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX 9300, my Bios is F.46.
I think its working but black screen... Q 9000 and Q 9100 are supported says HP...
So do I have to use the 2 Updates from here:
and its possible to use the QX 9300 ???
And just double click on the exe like with the Bios HP Updates ???
Or do I have to make any changes in the Bios before starting with the QX 9300 ???
Deactivate something like Speed Stepping, Virtualization or so ???
Disambling was very difficult, so it better should work at the first try before I put the QX 9300 in again... :-)
Greetings from germany

My notebook is hp dv7-2230 eg
A few motherboards with Socket P can boot quad cores CPUs. It's hardware incompatibility.
But you can try the motherboard's mod for quad core CPU supporting.
P.S. Have you Q9000 or Q9100?
I have a dual cpu (P 8700) with same GHz (2,53) like the QX 9300.
The Q 9000 and Q 9100 are supported says the official HP manual.
I was in contact to a HP worker on HP support website who was telling me, before I bought the QX 9300...

So normally it should work without modification only by removing whitelist...!?

What do you think???

And if so, I would only need an unlocked version if I want to overclock...!?

Thinkpad (Lenovo) is absolutely different in compare to my HP (Foxconn) Mainboard, isn `t it...!?
And you only can find things for it on HP site not on foxconn...   :-(
This BIOS hasn't whitelist for CPU.
Make a photo of laptop's motherboard near a socket.
(04-03-2019, 10:51 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: This BIOS hasn't whitelist for CPU.
Make a photo of laptop's motherboard near a socket.

Okay, I will post after once again disambling it...   :-)
Before that I want to install Throttlestop and Intel Bios Implementation software and I will try some different bios settings (disabled multi core support, disabled hyperthreading and so on)
Maybe I can run the system with 1 (or 2 Core)...
Thanks for your answer !!!
Okay, after upgrading, graphics and chipset drivers, I tried with Throttlestop and the settings from another link (T61 forum with photos of the settings). I also tried the Intel Bios Implementation Test Suite (bootable version). But no work because of black screen.
I found a very specific website, with all specs of my HP dv7-2230 eg, on page 101 there are the supported CPUs.
If the link is working, this list should be shown by clicking:

Quad Core Q 9000 and 9100 are supported, so I don`t think, that I need a modification of pins or with cables or something like that (but don`t know).
Also the GHz and FSB is the same as the dual CPU (P8700) I am using now.
Maybe its just some settings I have to do...!?

Or did someone with a "HP dv7 notebook and Intel CPU" in the forum made it possible to use the Notebook with an Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX 9300 ???
Because I think the link of the HP dv7 manual is for all dv 7 models...

And I loaded up the "ordered" photos...  but they are too large, I have to find a way to make them smaller or I (once again) have to dissamble the notebook...   :-)   but getting the QX 9300 running with my system is worth it...   :-)
How can I make a photo smaller from about 5 MB to 5 KB ??? Thats very much and I only know a programm to half it...!?

So photos will follow...

Thanks for your support here !!!
now it should work...!?    Big Grin

I also made Photos of all Bios settings... if needed...!?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Remake third photo. I need to see information on slots for SODIMM (without memory).
Maybe I "only" have to flash the modified BIOS-files with the quadcore APIC table ???

But I don`t know how to do that...!? :-)

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This motherboard is Quanta UT3/5. It have different revisions. Only some of them have hardware support for quad cores CPU.

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