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HP mini 210-3010sw Advanced Options Request
Hello all, I've got a biiiiiig problem. I've got HP mini 210-3010sw with 1 GB of DDR3 ram and believe me it's really hard to work with only 1 GB of ram(also I tell You that in documentation there is a limit - 1 GB) :/. I've got Kingston memory model: Kingston HP594907-HR1-ELFE , I bought 4 GB of ram - Good RAM model GR1333s364L9/4G. As we know 32bit processor can adress 4GB of ram but when I put it on, my notebook not working - caps lock led blinking, I've got black screen - no reaction. Whats the problem? Bios memory limit? Can somebody help me? It's make me sad, I can't normally work Sad. Regards

F13(last released)


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