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How to add AHCI mod to MSI P35 Neo3-F ?
Well, as far ax i know there's no problem if the compressec module results smaller cause i haven't added any data just modified existent so once the module gets uncompressed in ram it occupies the same space on same addresses so it will not brick.

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
camiloml, even when adding SLIC to 1B module its uncompressed size stays the same. The key moment of SLIC insertion into MSI BIOS is to adjust compressed size of 1B module to make it equal to the size of the original compressed module. It's done by partially wiping some unneeded strings in 1B module by zeroes.

Everything above is AFAIK.
That have no sense, the bios image is a container of compressed and not compressed modules, the final result has fixed size and internally is padded so don't see the problem there. Anyway you're, of course, free not to use it if you don't trust it. Wink

BIOS REPOSITORY.Please consider donating (me or forum) if you like my work.
Please remember to come back and leave feedback. I hate leech and disappear thing.

Nice day.
hello im new to this forum
i tested this bios and it flashed without problem
but when set to ahci the computer just hang while harddisk detection
also when set to raid the computer can boot into windows and it detected the disk controller as ich9r
but it wont detect any dvd rom connected to sata ports

is there a posibility that this board actually uses ich9r?
since it work and booted fine to windows
just wont detect dvd drive
camiloml, after a few weeks of testing I can say your patch is working. Although I didn't flash the BIOS you uploaded, I applied your patch to the BIOS image with another mod. BTW compressed size of 1B module of this final mod was equal to the original 1B. AHCI menu appeared in BIOS, AHCI mode is selectable and it does work.

Thanks again and cheers! Smile
Could you also do the same Bios Mod for my MSI MS-7358 v1.1 (Medion PC) with Bios version 1.1 D ? It has a Award v6.00PG bios on it. This mobo has the same issue as mentioned above. There is only "IDE" option available and no "RAID Mode" en "AHCI Devices Group" options are visible. Also I get everytime in the boot up screen the message "AHCI option ROM is missing". Hope you can help me with this ?

Original 1.1 D from Medion:

.rar   bio7358gr.rar (Size: 542.92 KB / Downloads: 0)

My present 1.1 D with SLIC 2.1 mod

.rar   Medion_W7358MLN_11D_MEDION_SLIC_DYNAMIC.rar (Size: 917.52 KB / Downloads: 6)

Thank you in advance.


–°amiloml, thanks a lot for your work!
After installing the mod bios ahci mode enabled.
Thank you.
But disappeared mode Enhanced SpeedStep Technology (EIST, ESS).
You can fix it somehow?
I have MSI P35 Neo3 motherboard, can u explain me how to add this patch to my motherboard ?

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