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How to burn a HP bios on a IC ?

I bought a old HP Probook 640 G1.
My problem is the seller dont know the BIOS password. This password is not resetable via CMOS. Its stored in the IC (non volatile).
I asked already in the HP forums there seems to be a way to reset the password (SMC.bin) but HP wants 300$ for this file.
So this is not really a option to me.

The IC is a W25Q128FV Serial Flash Memory.
Datasheet :

I have a programmer to programm this chip.
I unziped the original HP bios setup. And there is a .bin inside.

Does hp encrypt they're bin files ? Do i have to decrpyt the bin file befor i can burn it   ?

Is it possible to add the original serial-sumber again on the BIOS ?
Is there somehting else that i need to know how to do this ?

Thanks for any help,
Regards Int3g3r
Make current dump of BIOS by hardware programmer.
(08-23-2019, 02:52 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: Make current dump of BIOS by hardware programmer.

What can i do with a dump of my current locked bios ?
For sure i will dump the current bios for a backup. But if i flash my current bios on a other chip my BIOS is still locked.

Thanks for your answer.

I can modify current dump of BIOS to clear the password. Then you need to flash back by hardware programmer.
But it's not for free.

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