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Lenovo g570 bios blackscreen
Hello everyone! I ran into a problem and really appreciate your help.
The story is this. I had a chance to flash the BIOS, which I found on the forum to unlock hidden functions. Updated, everything is fine, it started. Then I did something stupid - I went into the video settings. Apparently I switched to a discrete card (a similar topic was already here in 2015). Restarted and got a black screen. That's half the trouble. I also set the admin password, I remember it, but I can’t go anywhere. Blindly pressing the buttons - the result is 0.

What was done - based on the solution in the old topic, I found a USB flash drive, uploaded one BIN file with the firmware there, after renaming it. I disconnected the power adapter, took out the battery, then pressed the Fn + b keys, connected the USB flash drive, turned on the laptop. It turned on, the cooler started spinning at maximum speed, and after 5 minutes the indicator on the flash drive blinked. In the hope that everything will work out, I waited another 15 minutes. Then I turned off the laptop forcibly. Enabled - no result.

After reading more forums, someone wrote that the BIOS is not sewn because of the crooked file name. But no matter how I call it, with 1, with the model name (2219) - everything is the same.
And since this is the only forum that is alive and well, I really hope for your help.

Maybe I'm uploading the file in the wrong way, maybe I'm formatting the USB flash drive (FAT32) in the wrong way.
Because the laptop reacts to keypresses and reads the USB flash drive, I think there are options to revive it.
(CMOS soldered, soldered - there is also no result)

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