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Lenovo z710 black screen on boot (bricked)
Long story short: I turned off integrated graphics in bios and now the laptop doesn't boot. Black screen is shown, it doesn't load, doesn't enter bios and keyboard isn't working. 
Things that I already tried:
1) Removing CMOS battery (also together with ram and SSD). 
2) Flashing the bios via Fn+R. It seems that flashing didn't start. If it's a solution, please provide me with some good instruction. 
3) Rapidly pressing F2, then F9, Enter, F10, Enter. The laptop doesn't load and doesn't enter into BIOS. 
The bios was modded. Originally I needed to replace Wi-Fi adapter and it didn't work without removing whitelisting. And then after one month I made this mistake with graphics. 
Please help me with fixing it. 

Thank you very much in advance.
Hey i don't know if you tried already but you could remove CMOS battery and also remove the laptop battery. Then keep pressing the power button to be sure that everything is discharged.

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