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M2N68-LA (Narra3) (HP/Asus/whatever)
I know this has been discussed plenty of times but I have one question and I would like some help. This being the main reason :

I recently updated my graphics card from a 8800 to a 4870. But for some reason, device manager doesn't recognize the card, meanwhile it gets power just fine and turns on, and it is seated in place and correct. I can link you to my exact board specs which is here :

That is the exact computer I have. Everything I changed in it seemed to work just fine, aside from this video card. This guy on this other forum that had the same issue said all he did was update his bios and that seemed to fix it. I've looked for Bios everywhere for my board and this is the only site that shows any results with anything which is why I'm posting here. I don't know exactly if it would fix my problem, but it's the only lead I have so far as to what would be wrong with this card when it's in complete working order, yet nothing shows it. (Meaning Device Manager, etc.)

You can read through that thread and see what I mean, it's the only thing I have to go on. Yes, I've reseated and checked everything multiple times, yes I have an ample power supply to run everything, and yes, I set the main video adapter to use PCI-E. I don't know the exact BIOS version, But I know it's Phoenix - AWARD Bios 6.00PG(?) I have but I will go look in a minute and let you know for the version.

A bit more info, at first I thought signs pointed to the PCIe slot being dead. But I did a quick scanthrough with the lshw command in linux and came across this.

[Image: JNFeG.png]

That's while the card is plugged in and seated. It's getting a read from the slots, just not recognizing the card. So I suppose that would mean that the slot isn't dead. I've been messing with this for a month and this is really all I have, it's ridiculously frustrating. Any help at all would be nice.

And do not hesitate to ask me for more information if anything is needed, just let me know how to get it and I will.
And here we have it, sorry for the double post, but it says Phoenix - AWARD Bios v6.00PG BIOS Revision 5.05.
to confirm this isnt a Linux issue could you partition your hard drive and install windows xp/vista/7 and see if it finds the card????

No it is an issue on everything. I was originally on Windows Vista, formatted to 7 and XP just to try, device manager does not recognize it. I switched over to linux because there's nothing that is graphically intense that I really have to use since I can't use my video card in the first place.

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