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MS-7748 Whitelist Need for GTX950
Hello, im new here. (Sorry for my Bad english) i have a question like my Second Board from a Medion PC (MS-7748) im Read in Internet that Board has a Whitelist with Supportet Graphicscard. and Yes my GTX950 from PNY dosn't work if i Set in Bios to PEG or aUTO its Boot without Beeps into Windows or Bios with the IGP. and in Device manager my Graphicscard is not Listet :p (Card working in my i5 Build) is it Posible with a Bios mod That the Card Runs ? i have the AMIEditior but i Really dont know how to Put the card into the Whitelist. can any one Help me? 

Thx :Smile have a nice day Smile

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