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MSI MS-7187 request
Okay. Here's what I think MAY show up if what I did even works. I highly reccomend considering if you need these options first, using awdflash in DOS, and having means of backup/different computer. I think I unlocked all of the memory timings, hyperthreading, and virtualization. These we're the only major hidden things that weren't showing up in your menus. Ill post the link in a minute.

Here it is.
www find
thank you so much for that, i was looking more into seeing if i can alter the fsb and multiplier for the cpu, and possibly fan speeds, well fan speed caps to be more precise.
after a recent cleaning of the computer (literally, after 3 years of use, so much dust built up the cpu would heat to 55-60 C and the fan would rev to 2400rpm on comp idle) the fan has been limited to an rpm of 1966, ive tried all ways possible to readjust it but i couldnt and was told it may be adjustable through the bios but i havnt seen an option for it, although it is capped at 1966rpm, it doesn't go above 42 C anymore but if i manage to adjust FSB, and multiplier to OC it slightly it may start to heat up a little

Edit: thanks for all this though, ill think about if i really need those options before taking the risk, unfortunately i must go cause im working again tomorrow

new bios modder,
soon to be system builder

I'm new here and my apologie if I made mistake by not open a new topic.

I was reading this Topic about the MS-7187 Medion mainboard.
Now I have the same issue here and I also want to upgrade my Bios because most of the settings are locked.

But first I would like to be informed well when I go over to action.

First I would like to go step by step so I don't make mistakes. (sorry i'm still an amature in those things)

First what do I need to do for the upgrade?
- A copy of my bios, but where do I get this software (for win7)?
Is it this link?

It lookes like the same as ''Crisss''. But then I have an different CPU Pentium D930.
Now is it Phoenix or Award? Please help me.

Thanks in advanced.

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