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Need help adding updated SATA BIOS to a A7N8X-E Motherboard BIOS.
Hi all, 

I know, its an old motherboard but it works perfectly for what I want, but its on board SATA Controller has an outdated BIOS on board. I am hoping that updating the BIOS will allow the controller to accept bigger capacity hard drives and smooth out some of the problems.

Problem is, the chip developer created a BIOS update, which I have, but the motherboard manufacture ASUS no longer supports the board and not doing any updates.

So I thought I would create this bios update myself. I've downloaded the Latest BIOS from ASUS, and have the new BIOS for the SATA controller.

I searched the internet for an editor that can edit the BIN file that can be flashed to ROM in DOS, but the programs I have used seem to corrupt or damage the Bin file. I want to replace the 4247.BIN file from the PCI driver[A] and replace it with the new 4280.bin I downloaded.

Sounds simple. I know, but the first program I used, Award BIOS editor, seemed to edit and change the file just fine. But when I reopen the modified file is says the program cannot read the file and it looks corrupted. I even downloaded the updated version of the editor. But it still refused to make the file. Other small editors did nothing and now I am asking if someone can update this BIOS for me correctly so I can flash my motherboard and get the SATA ports updated.

I have included the original updated BIOS from ASUS website (C18E1013.BIN) and the New BIOS (4283.bin) for the SATA controller. Hope someone can help. The BIOS file in question is located in PCI driver[A] slot.

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.bin   4283.bin (Size: 42 KB / Downloads: 0)
.bin   C18E1013.BIN (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 0)

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