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Need help unlocking X550JX Aptio bios
(01-23-2016, 01:53 PM)(b)ios Wrote: After spending the whole day trying to unlock my bios, I finally have a fully unlocked bios! Every setting in the advanced and chipset tab are editable in the bios now Smile Thanks to all those nicely put down guides and AMI's well developed tools, I learnt a lot about bios and option roms as well. 

In case if any of you are wondering how I did it, here it is.

-Extract the bios file from the system using AfuWin64
-Use AMIBCP tool to change locked/hidden settings's status to "User"
-Save the work as .rom file
-Using MMTool, extract the file name, "setup"
-Use Universal IFR extractor to look for the menu order (the initial order was 01 01 00 01 01 01) in the setup file you just extracted.
-Open the saved rom file in Phoenix SLI mod tool
-Go to "structure view" option and find the guid, "setup"
-Extract the "PE32 image section" under "compressed section"
-In order to enable the Chipset tab, use hex editor (I used HxD) to edit the extracted file by searching for the sequence (01 01 00 01 01 01) and changing it to (01 01 01 01 01 01). Save the file.
-Replace "PE32" image section under "setup" with the edited file.
-Save the rom file
-Use AfuWin64 to flash the bios file

NB: In the previous post, I mentioned about getting "Invalid ffs file" error when trying to add the hex edited file to the rom using MMTools. The reason seems to be associated with incorrect checksum. This problem was automatically taken care of by the Phoenix SLI mod tool.

If anyone wants the edited file, I have attached them along with this post.
Warning: I take no responsibility if the bios breaks/burns your system! You take sole responsibility. These mods are meant for Asus x550jx (ver. 204) only. Installing it on any other bios versions may result in a hard brick!

There are 2 files in the archive. I have included the original unmodified bios file as well.

X550JX_Untouched - Original unmodified bios file
Safest - Has all the tabs unlocked but with settings in default state. This means some settings are either not displayed or greyed out.
Advanced - Everything except for boot options and security settings are unlocked and editable. Be careful when fiddling it as you might permanently put your system to sleep :/

The mods may close this thread now Smile

Just saying thank you. This guide helped me unlock the chipset tab in my N56JR bios.

Thanks again Big Grin

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