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New FX-8350/FX-8320 FULL support for Asus M4A89TD Pro/USB3 (+ C. Formula IV, etc.)
Asus M4A89TD Pro/USB is an AM3 board that with latest bios updates support or should fully support old FX-X1XX. Bios is 3029, not beta, available here:

Asus has already said it won't support this board and the others like it (as Crosshair Formula IV) to fully support new FX-8350/8320.

Actually community has discovered those CPUs work on the board:
[Image: m4a89_FX.png]

[Image: 1115166]

At this state we don't know if they are stable too, but I think a modded BIOS thought for them would help very much.

So this is the request.

Thanks. Bye.
Now with little hope I add BIOS download link:
-Bios Link :

-Rw-everything report : )

I noticed an error in the forum that doesn't let you reply if you don't delete several characted in the title over there /\. If you still can't reply please PM me and I will post.

Thanks for availability.


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