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Panasonic Toughbook CF-31

I'm trying to unlock some settings in my Toughbook BIOS, mostly related to iGPU/dGPU (Dynamic/Fixed Mode).

I've had a shot at it myself, first dumping the ROM, extracting the Setup from it and having a look at the strings with Universal IFR Extractor. Unforunately while it says that there are 8 Form Sets, it does not seem to be able to extract their titles and so I am stuck.

The laptop has both an Intel HD 4000 integrated GPU and an AMD Radeon 7750m.

I've attached my original BIOS dump - if somebody wouldn't mind please having a look at it and either unlocking it themselves or giving me some pointers on how to do it myself I'd really appreciate it!


Edit - I've managed to solve my menu issue by using AMIBCP 4.55 - I'm now having trouble actually flashing the updated BIOS.

I've tried running afuwinx64 and afudos with the /GAN flags, but even though it appears to work, the new image is not flashed.

I've tried running the SCEWIN_64 tool to dump the NVRAM and other information but this gives the following errors:

ERROR:4 - Retrieving HII Database
ERROR:4 - Dumping HII Database to File

Finally I tried running BACKUP_Tools12_2.exe, and found the following error, which I assume is what is causing my writes to fail:

Error 280: Failed to disable write protection for the BIOS space!

If anyone knows a way to bypass this then please give me a shout!


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