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"Phoenix Award" (all) Dell Vostro 200: All 771-775 CPUs BIOS Mod
Mod for "Phoenix Award" (all) Dell Vostro 200 1.0.16 BIOS with support for all LGA771 and LGA775 CPUs, up to an unknown TDP because I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HARDWARE IS LIMITED TO POWER-WISE. Download, extract (ZIP), and follow included instructions.

- I followed the 775-771 BIOS Mod Guide for Award/Phoenix (there is also another one for AMI).
- I opened the BIOS Updater ("BIOS file/download" you get from model support) in HxD (free Hex Editor), changed one line ("1.0.16" to "1.0.17" because you cannot install the same version, even if it messed up).

Guides (standard, NOT FOR THIS MOD):


I will not answer any questions regarding instructions. They are clear enough. If you cannot understand simple-enough computer instructions/steps, you shouldn't be (1) doing anything with any BIOS and (2) using a computer at all if you're so dumb.

* UPDATE 1: Quad Q8300 doesn't work. The patching of the BIOS worked without problems, I don't know why the CPU didn't work. Either the patching did nothing, my motherboard (Duo/300W PSU model) doesn't support anything unofficial due to hardware restrictions (bypassing BIOS), or the 'CPU Microcode List' didn't include Q8300/others. If any of you still wanna try a different CPU, list it here and the progress of it working. Thanks.

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