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[REQ] Add E5-1650v2 support to Asrock X79 Extreme 4-M
Hi, I spent hours trying to understand how to add e5 1650 v2 support to my Asrock X79 Extreme 4-M (matx), but I'm not able to do it.
It should be 100% supported by the hardware, it's just a i7-4930K after all (fully supported) AND the 1650 v2 is supported by the Extreme 4 (atx) motherboard.
When installed, the cpu doesn't allow the sistem boot at all (00 error code).
The cpu is fine, tested on an Asus X79 motherboard.
It has the MU063E0428 microcode (I used Sandra while testing on the Asus mb), I don't know if the information is relevant.
I tried to update cpu microcode using UBU_v1_69_15, everything was updated and the bios flashed, but that didn't solve the problem (still no boot).
I guess I have to manually add cpu support to the bios, not just update the old one, but I'm lost, I don't understand ho to do it.
Could someone please help?
Thank a lot.

Here's the link to latest bios

Here's CPUZ screen as requested in other threads (current cpu and motherboard page)
[Image: image.jpg]

[Image: image.jpg]
Tell sSpec of your Xeon E5-1650 v2.
Thanks a lot for your reply.
Here's what you asked for.


Additional informations, if needed
xeon e5 1650 v2 (Ivy Bridge-EP)

It should be the same as the officially supported i7 4930k (Ivy Bridge-E)

Better Xeons are natively supported by my motherboard, but the 1650 v2 officially isn't [CPU Support Extreme 4M]

The CPU is supported by the full atx Extreme 4 [CPU Support Extreme 4 full atx]
Bad news - it isn't BIOS problem.
(03-01-2018, 05:33 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: Bad news - it isn't BIOS problem.

Could you please elaborate?
So I won't make the same mistake again in the future, my bad.
00 error code means that BIOS aren't loaded by CPU at all.
(03-01-2018, 05:43 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: 00 error code means that BIOS aren't loaded by CPU at all.

Thank for the explanation, I didn't know that.
At first I thought the cpu was broken, but as it worked fine on an Asus motherboard (with official 1650 v2 support), I guessed it was a bios problem.
Unfortunately it's not.
Thanks again for your help.

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