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[REQUEST] $100 USD bounty for overclocking in ThinkStation S30 (4352)
I am seeking an unlocked bios for the purposes of overclocking and or IVY Bridge support on an early-ish model Lenovo S30 0569 the bios I would like to mod is version A0KT61A. I would be willing to make a Donation or reimbursement for either of those modifications. I have confirmed with a lenovo tech that the newer A1 bios will brick my MoBo due to other changes to the actual board that were made at the time of the switch over to the newer 430 series models and this seems proven by the last member on here who bricked his board attempting it. Let me know what you need that hasn't been supplied here

Attached Files
.txt   DESKTOP-0F0FB23.txt (Size: 149.25 KB / Downloads: 11)
also I came across this in the whats new file for the a0kt61a bios and managed to get an old copy of a0kt50a if it helps, all versions after these are listed as "for undisclosed security fixes" so I wouldn't be opposed to going back to version 50 if it is that easy but i doubt it?

  - Upgraded some latest module code(NVRAM SMI module, ACPI module, TCG module)

  - Added BootScriptHide module to improve S3 Security.
  - Fixed S4 resume fail issue on some system configuration with 3*4TB HDDs.
  - Fixed problem that BIOS isn't locked after MFGDONE is set.

the roms I have are uefi straight from lenovo off the iso images I am not sure If the need to be extracted or something both Rom's are 8,192kb so I can't attach them?
Unless the base frequency and cpu voltage can be unlocked you guys can forget about this after loading in the older bios I was able to change the core ratio multiplier from 38 to 43 and and its now running 4300+mhz on all 4 cores. older version of the bios FTW
just as an update I unlocked the bios and while I gained the ability to force the ram into 1866mhz mode which worked well with my sticks the base clock was still unavailable. I can live with it only thing i could see doing in the future is upgrading it to ivy bridge and changing the built in fan tables that were hidden before the unlock. I would post the complete installation file (uses lenovo factory updater modified for new bios on a dos drive) but i dont have the allowed space for it.
¿Podría decirme dónde descargué la versión BIOS A0KT50A, encontré una en la página de softpedia pero no sé si es segura?
Anyone can unlock all settings in this? Would really like to overclock and a have few more settings to play with for the Hackintosh and NVME drives.
Let's get this party started. I'm willing to offer up a bounty.

Multiplier can be adjusted in XTU/throttlestop, so what is most needed is a way to bypass the max TDP of 130 watts and add more voltage.
Looking for mainly TDP bypass and voltage control. I can throw in a little extra if you get multipliers working in the bios so that I don't have to use software to overclock.

Partial bounty for TDP bypass or for voltage control.

Bounty is only for a fully functional bios.

Sent from my F5121 using Tapatalk
There is no TDP setting in this BIOS, only the following related settings
Intel Dynamic Power Technology >> Default Energy Efficient (Additional options disabled, custom)
Energy Performance >> Default Balanced Performance (Other options, Performance, Balance Energy, Energy Efficient)

There is no Bclk, multipliers / overclock to unlock either Sad

I can help you change these, without a modified BIOS
DDR Voltage,
One Of Option: Auto
One Of Option: Force 1.5V (Default)

DDR Speed
Auto (Default)
Force DDR3 800,
Force DDR3 1066
Force DDR3 1333
Force DDR3 1600

Actually, look through this txt file, any setting in there you see I can help you change without a BIOS Mod
Thank you for your help, Lost. I appreciate your time.

Sent from my F5121 using Tapatalk

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