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Can you please unlock the bios for asus FX504 GM, it has a power cap of 25watts for cpu when nvidia gpu is under load.
Can you unlock it and make it upto 45 watts as rated for the cpu.

below is the link to dowload latest bios version

My laptops config is 8300H and 1060 3Gb model.

This laptop is known for the power throttling it does to the cpu when cpu + gpu are both loaded. As soon as PL2 hits the cpu goes down to 25w mode, and stays there for many minutes even after the gpu load has dissappeared which is very annoying for gaming and productivity. I suspect around 45-55 watts would be needed to sustain the max turbo boost of 4Ghz at all times, my cpu with -0.160mv undervolt draws 52w max in Cinebench R15. People also talk about bad temperatures on this machine. I personally haven't had any problems with the thermals on this laptop, swapped both gpu and cpu to liquid metal day 1 I got the machine. Also got rid (made a big, big hole) of the "Asus Anti-Dust Cooling Technology" which in reality means the fans aren't exposed to fresh air in any way and have to pull air through small vents miles away from the fans or through the keyboard. I have tried old bioses, Throttlestop (which works on the undervolt but can't fix the power limit issue) and modding a bios myself. Took a copy with AMIFlash, edited access/use of some folders inside with AMIBCP and flashed it again with AMIFlash with /GAN variable. The flash was successful but nothing changed in the bios, leading me here asking for help  Blush  Would it be possible to tinker the settings in bios for example like this; the cpu PL2 would be 50w and gpu power limit would be lower since the cpu is getting more juice? IF anyone has any knowledge to tackle this problem, I would very much like to know.
@genius239 I dumped the Bios of my ASUS FX504GM. I have installed the bios version 310 (latest).
I sent you the dump as a mail attachment.
Thank you

Edit: My bios is unlocked now Smile EVERYTHING can be set now (in the bios and in intel xtu) exept for the 25W Cpu limit while gaming, still trying to figure out how to get rid of it. At least I can undervolt again which gives me a lot more performance because the cpu can clock higher Big Grin
  • Good day bios mods gurus, i was hopping to get my bios unlocked, please. Have a nice day and keep up the good work.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 4.65 MB / Downloads: 3)

Make a bios dump with this tool then attach the file. (Run dump.bat as administrator.)

Thanks will do as soon I get home.
Here is the dump file as you asked. Thanks for your help

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 4.71 MB / Downloads: 7)
This guy is a genius alright. Amazing work all I needed, thanks
Hey sorry for asking your help again genius but the latest version of the bios you modded is not compatible wiith trottlestop. can you do thei also? thanks in advance.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 4.68 MB / Downloads: 14)

How to activate Throttlestop & XTU ? try the steps below.

(1). Go into new advanced tab >> Power & Performance >> CPU - Power Management Control >> CPU Lock Configuration ,then disable "CFG Lock" & "Overclocking Lock".

(2). Go into new advanced tab >> OverClocking Performance Menu ,then enable "XTU Interface".

(3). If you only need to activate Throttlestop , only need to do step1.


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