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[REQUEST] Acer Aspire V3-571(G) BIOS Unlock

I would like to have some advanced menus on my acer laptop if possible.

I am also interested if there can be added some options for RAM memory like XMP profiles.

Bios link:

Bios version 1.07

Does not seem RSA Signed.

Please can you let me know if it's even possible to have menu for memory settings?

Sorry for no pictures, looks like standard acer insyde options.

Quote:EFI / Insyde BIOS
Finished Extracting
LZMA and Tiano module compression methods used
Recovery filenames are:

SLIC header found in 7E374E25-8E01-4FEE-87F2-390C23C606CD_7_716.ROM at 0
Pubkey found in 1A1E2341-A2FB-42C7-8D17-3073D08EB21D_1_941.ROM at 0
Pubkey found in 4CAC73B1-7C53-4DC1-B6FA-42A15260409A_1_1027.ROM at 0
Marker found in DD6569A7-E455-4EE5-B2BA-ECDA84ACBC99_1_944.ROM at 0
Marker found in F306F460-2DC9-4B5D-9410-83585F1ADD80_1_1030.ROM at 0
'SLIC' string found in AFC04099-0D39-405D-BE46-846F08C51A31_2_734.ROM at 380
'SLIC' string found in AFC04099-0D39-405D-BE46-846F08C51A31_2_734.ROM at E9E
OEM/Table IDs identified are:
8325948F-03E7-468E-96D8-7A8639AA8B54_1_1033.ROM is an empty module of 156 bytes
A4E128E7-3D90-4BAA-B6C9-714C6B95AF40_1_1036.ROM is an empty module of 182 bytes
Pubkey (x2)
Marker (2.1) (INSYDEINSYDE00) (x1)
Marker (2.1) (ACRSYSACRPRDCT) (x1)
No EFI Capsules found
AngelAnyone have the unlocked bios for this notebook? I cant see Advanced menu tab nor Power menu tab and acer australia/asia pacific are particularly unhelpful and nasty! ive never had such a bad experience with support from acer - i have 3 asus laptops 1 asus desktop 2 hp laptops and im entrhralled by hp and asus customer service support - this acer aspire is turning into a aspirational wannabe piece of junk!Angry
Hi. A couple of days ago there was a new bios released for this laptop
and I'm really keen on checking out advanced menu options..

I have tried the ezh2o tool and been reading alot last days but its way over my head..Sad

Would really appreciate it!

Laptop model: Acer Aspire V3-571G
Bios Version: 1.11
Bios Download link:
I have the same laptop and also would apreciate if someone would make the "Advanced" menu tab apear in the bios(because in my situation it isnt grayed out...its not there at all).
Hello! I own an Acer Aspire v3-571g with the following configuration: intel core i3 2350 2,3 Ghz, Nvidia Geforce 630m 2GB. The reason that I need a BIOS mod is because the video card throttles at 75 degrees Celsius (the VGA BIOS is integrated in the main BIOS). So far I haven't succeded in finding the VGA BIOS in the main BIOS. I would like, if possible, to set the throttle temperature to 85 degrees Celsius.

Here is the main BIOS:

From what I have heard so far, the main BIOS can be decompiled and the VGA BIOS extracted and modded with Nibitor. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! I would try to be active on this forum as long as I can. I'm just a newbie in BIOS modding so any help is appreciated!
Hello guys, I have a problem with my new notebook that I bought. It's an Acer Aspire v3-571g with the following configuration: Intel Core i3 2370 2,4 Ghz, Nvidia Geforce 630m 1 GB dedicated, 6 GB of RAM.

The problem manifests in the following way: When the temperature reaches 75 degrees Celsius, the GPU throttles from 797 Mhz (normal frequency when on charger) to 475 Mhz. This kinda sucks because I encounter huge shuttering in games just after 2 minutes or so of playing. I'm running Windows 7 64bit. I updated the bios to the latest version, and the problem still remains. Here's BIOS link:

Thanks in advance!
Someone can do something ?
Try this. It's based on 1.07 (had it already on my disk from a vbios mod).

Please report back.

Attached Files
.zip   Aspire (Size: 3.97 MB / Downloads: 1,491)

What's wrong with you guys?? Seven downloads and not a single soul reports back...

At least let me know whether everything's working fine. No point in modifying bios when people just leech.

Will flash this and report back,thank you very much for your efforts,been looking for a modded bios for a few days and stumbled across this after doing a search here.Many thanks again ,Jeff

Well a sucessfull flash everything up and running in windows 7 and wow I have the advanced in the bios settings giving me access to all things great...cpu and gpu throttling...will do exensive testing tonight in my games,Battlefield 3 and MW3 where I suffered from throttling,I bought a cooler master pad for my Aspire v3-571g gt630m 1gb hoping that would sort the problem ,it did sort of but this is what I was looking for ..thankyou so much for taking the time and effort to help out .

Jeff for jedamotorsport Racing uk

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