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[REQUEST] Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC BIOS Unlock
Fan control? In the BIOS I sent you? If yes, then you need to adjust it back to however you had it previously, I didn't adjust anything fan related.
Unless maybe it's running fill speed all the time, if that's the case then you might have got your ME FW corrupted somehow.

How are you flashing mod BIOS, if AFU what commands are you using? It's normal to have to load optimized after you flash, but menus appearing or not shouldn't be related to that, maybe due to how you flash possibly? I prefer using FPT but that only works on Intel, or programmer. You sent me a dump, but I'm not sure how you dumped or how you're using what I send you back.

What is attached file?
Asus blocks flashing modded bios's pretty well.  been flashing with my programmer just a direct flash seemed to work but the menus didn't show up if i did a wipe then i flashed it all good.  i am Fairly sure the fan issue was related to a loosely connected second fan that was not spinning up at all once i did that seemed all good.  Next bios test i am going to solder on a bios jtag so i don't have to keep removing the motherboard to get to the bios chip to flash it. The attached file is a screen shot of the new exit screen.
OK, yes, that makes sense for programming. You're always suppose to erase, then blank check, then write/verify.
Much easier to put on mod BIOS for Intel based Asus boards!

Thanks, I will check that image then, to make sure all settings show up in that new menu, if not it's good test so we can confirm methods that may be needed later for settings or submenus that don't show up in the other unlocked new sections. Never mind, all is there, guess we'll cross that road later when we get there Big Grin

OK, I will work on unlocking rest for you shortly, maybe by tomorrow night if I have time.
No problem sir thanks for all your help on this.
You're welcome! I forgot to leave this tab open, so no work done yet Sad Will do first thing tonight
Here, please be ready for recovery in case this fails, unsure about a certain menu block I zero'd, it may not be necessary or may need FF'd instead of 00'd
Ok that worked and opened up a bunch of menus but not anything to do with the ram speeds also i think i found the issue with the cpu fans the bios is not reading the fan speeds so the laptop is running them at full speed but not showing any RPM in the bios.
(06-02-2019, 09:34 PM)draklrd Wrote: Ok that worked and opened up a bunch of menus but not anything to do with the ram speeds also i think i found the issue with the cpu fans the bios is not reading the fan speeds so the laptop is running them at full speed but not showing any RPM in the bios.

correction found all the ram tweak setting so looks full unlocked that only thing that seems to be an issue now is that the bios does not seem to know what the fans are doing so they stay running at high speed.
On your fan issue, check ME FW in main BIOS page, does it show N/A or If you cannot see ME FW info there, check with HWINFO64 and on the large window on left side, expand motherboard and find ME area, inside that you'll see the ME Firmware version

There may still be missing settings that I need to enable or unsuppress, if you want to confirm if that's possible in any areas and you are not familiar with AMIBCP, then upload images of any sections where you think there should be or may be more (or just upload an archive of all new settings and I'll go through it for you and make sure it's all visible)
nice i found fan controls burred in the NB setting looks good now just need to tweak the fan curves to be less intrusive. over all the bios looks good and i have been able to test a slight ram over clock.  now i just need to get the details required to add in the newer AGESA code for the updated cpus i still have not heard back for the user that claimed to have done this mod yet.
Great you found some fan controls, are they working? Was ME FW version showing up OK?
Yes, if you can get him to reply I'll try to do that for you, has he been online again yet?

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