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[REQUEST] Asus Striker II Extreme with GTX 1660ti
Hello everyone!

I am trying to boot the Asus Striker 2 Extreme with a new branded 1660ti.

The problem is that the PC wont Post. Tried the GPU in a new pc , works like a charm. 
Tried an older GPU, the striker extreme 2 boots normally.

I tried with different rams, ssd, psu , cpu but no luck with 1660ti.

I have the latest bios 1402

I guess I need some kind of modded bios to make it work. Although I have seen in the net, benchmarks running 1070 gtx with striker 2 extreme, which is more demanding than 1660ti.

Any help, appreciated.

Kind regards
Hi Zack,

did You get an answer? Got the same probs with the same board trying to run an rtx2060super....
regards too


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