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[REQUEST] Asus eeepc 1025C
(06-09-2017, 08:00 PM)Frenel Wrote: Any problem using Linux with x64 enabled and 4GB ram?

Do graphics work well?

Thanks a lot xenon for sharing the new BIOS file  Exclamation
I installed your solution and it works great . 64 bit Linux and 4Gb of RAM and graphics works pretty well for this hardware .
Yesterday I bought an used Asus 1025C and I was puzzled by the fact the Atom N2800 CPU was running only in 32 bit mode . My daughter has an Acer AO D270 and her's runs in 64 bit from the moment I bought it , although with only 3Gb of RAM seen  .
(04-14-2014, 06:24 AM)xenon Wrote: [Image: zip.gif]   1025C-ASUS-1301 x64 new
Thanks. It's solved my problem.
xenon Wrote:

СПАСИБО огромное. для красной версии ASUS 1025C с Intel 2800 и 4 Gb оперативной памяти после замены стандартной планки на 2 Gb, BIOS обновился и установилась Windows 10 x64 (2020).

СУПЕР (Вот инструкция прошивки)

Attached Files
.txt   Прошивка биоса ASUS 1025C на последнюю версию с поддержкой 64битных систем.txt (Size: 347 bytes / Downloads: 87)
.zip   1025C-ASUS-1301 x64 new ucode(Прошивка биос под x64).zip (Size: 1.03 MB / Downloads: 41)
This comes with intel GMA 3600 graphics card and there is an issue.
After updating to the x64 bios above I was able to install windows 7 and windows 10 but and 64bit GMA 3600 drivers but it seems that this driver has some issue when the machine has more than 3Gb of ram installed.

For that reason, can someone edit the bios so the GMA 3600 GPU takes like 768MB of ram leaving only 3.2Gb of ram available to the operating system?

ps: did anyone succeeded to install any 64bit linux with 4GB of ram and with working GPU drivers? From what I read, they do not exist.

Thank you.
(04-14-2014, 06:24 AM)xenon Wrote: I got it! The culprit is the code that does this in BIOS: [MSR 0x122] |= 3;
So, just blank (NOP) out that piece of code in BIOS and have fun with x64. I don't have any experience with BIOS modding, but I am familiar with assembly language programming and almost everything in Intel SDM.
It took me quite some time to figure out there are 2 places to patch (for bootstrap processor and application processors).
Below are some notes to help you gain confidence that nothing fishy is being added. Use your hex editor compare function to compare between the BIOS file from Asus and my patched version.

Original (starting point):
2097152 bytes
SHA-256: 73bae3b7e061e4d6054e70b0405150ed93258d39b5561bdfb902554edd3e0a4f

//32-bit mode
53         push   ebx
6aff       push   0xffffffff
53         push   ebx
6a03       push   0x3
6822010000 push   0x122
e85c240000 call   func    //NOP out this instruction
83c414     add    esp,0x14

//32-bit mode    
b922010000 mov    ecx,0x122    
0f32       rdmsr    
0c03       or     al,0x3    
0f30       wrmsr    //NOP out this instruction

After NOP out the 2 locations with 0x90 (7 bytes in total),
SHA-256: af673c221dd145ea9faa495b5fac21d945541396a72cec3943ec1581e4a7167b

With that, you can enjoy your x64 system.
Optionally, you can update the microcode as well. I discovered Acer AOD270 BIOS has a newer version of the microcode.
In Asus 1025C (and old BIOS version of Acer AOD270): Version 0x010C, 2011-11-23
In Acer AOD270: Version 0x010D, 2011-12-22

With new microcode,
SHA-256: f568ec0f4ec31cc0a12b469a5092a233285bcfb018c6bdbd05a3ba5b765ad347

Note the hashes are on 2097152-byte ROM file, not zip file.

Thanks Xenon.
I'm writing from the Amazon, in Brazil. I applied your modified bios to my eeepc 1025c and now I'm using linux Mint 64 bits with excellent results. Intem atom 2600, 4 gb ram and ssd sandisk 480 gb on my Lilliputian computer. Long live him! Thankful.
My friends work to me... Eeepc1025c atom 2600 install so64b, test with 4gb ram no possible até moment. Thanks. Obs: i install Prime OS for my son.
Hello, I installed the 1025C-ASUS-1301 x64 new bios on my 1025c atom 2600. I have windows 10 pro. Sad but the resolution does not come out of 800x600.

- Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H
- Dell inspirion r15 i5 5548 5200u
(04-14-2014, 06:24 AM)xenon Wrote: I got it! .....
You are a legend. Currently running Ubuntu LTS on a 1025c (Atom 2800) with 4GB ram.        
I would like to sincerely thank you for your excellent work. my Asus 1025c laptop works with debian server in 64 bits.
Big Grin Thanks

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