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[REQUEST] [BRICK RECOVERY] Acer Aspire 7 A715-75G
BIOS was bricked when modifying tertiary values on RAM. I can give specifics if required.

.fd flashing from USB did not work after dozens of different approaches.

I read a bunch of threads while waiting for my SPI programmer to arrive and have made many of the necessary preparations so hopefully i don't waste the time of experienced members.

3 seperate BIOS dumps attached. Please verify if they are correct.

dumps taken from winbond chip (this seems like what is usually required) with AsProgrammmer but two other similar shape chips are present on my mobo.

correct manufacturer BIOS update can be found at

I do not require unlocking of Advanced Tab, i already found the boot keycode to reveal it.

Thank you for your time.
Hi, small update to say that i no longer require assistance with the bios modding, i learned to edit the BIOS myself, also the dump posted is incorrect, it is a 1024 KB dump of the vBIOS. BIOS was stored on an XMC QH128HIG chip which is 128Mbit/16MByte, only a specific CH341A program (v1.4) was able to correctly detect the chip and read and write to it.

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