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[REQUEST] Biostar G31-M4 TDP and FSB option unlock
Hello members of bios-mods,

Normally i know my way through AMIBCP and MMTOOL and i can do all the basic bios modding stuff mostly by myself, but this board is just one step too far for me.

The board is a Biostar G31-M4, which is a brilliant little board for overclocking on socket 478 since it combines the G31 chipset with DDR2 which makes life a lot easier on high fsb overclocking on the 478 platform. And normally i just do some hardmods and microcode magic and all is fine then.

But this board has every option i want in the bios except for FSB adjustment. I also can't find this option with AMIBCP 3.46. I checked the PLL chip on this board and it is a rtm876-665, which can easily be adjusted with programs like SETFSB, so it is physically wired up on the board correctly to be adjusted through software. 

I also found a very similar G31 Biostar motherboard, the Biostar G31M+, which has the same PLL chip and does in fact have the FSB adjustment option in the bios. This is according to the leaked service manual of the G31M+:

Can this option be unlocked or transplanted over from the other bios? They even have the same Super IO controller if i remember correctly. With overclocking, i really prefer a bios setting since the posting behavior of the system also gives information on what is going on when you are on the edge of stability.

My second question is regarding to the 95W cpu TDP limit. If you insert a CPU that has got a higher TDP, the board shows a TDP warning message and turns off. Can this be bypassed? It has been done in this thread by DeathBringer:

I did a hex compare to that unlocked bios with the original bios but i couldn't find any logic behind the changes that were made to that bios. The VRM section will be modded for extra power so this TDP limit really is an annoyance. 

The original bios and the G31M+ bios are both listed in the attachements. If you are still reading, thank you for your time.  Wink

I do have a TL866 EEPROM programmer and the bios chip is socketed, so high-risk bios mods aren't a problem since flashing and recovery is very easy. If someone wants do the mods in exchange for a small fee, that's no problem. Or in exchange for a 10$ donation for this site, whatever floats your boat.

Attached Files
.rom   G31M+.ROM (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 0)
.rom   G31-M4.ROM (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 0)
The TDP is already unlocked. Look here and download the modded BIOS:

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