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[REQUEST] Clevo Co Mother Board W240HU/W250HUQ AMI BIOS Unlock
Can anyone please unlock the bios for Graphic Configuration in a Clevo Co MotherBoard model W240HU/W250HUQ , Notebook Ami Bios Ver 04.06.04 ? I'm trying to gain access to settings that are hidden. If I knew how to unlock a bios I would myself and share it with everyone. Please let me know what I can do to help.

this bios i backup with AFUWINGUI

Attached Files
.rom   W240HU-AmiBios.rom (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 6)
Please add a zip showing stock BIOS Screens, one or more at least that show all visible tabs/sections, and then be sure to also include main, advanced, security, boot and save and exit.
(11-11-2018, 12:28 AM)Lost_N_BIOS Wrote: Please add a zip showing stock BIOS Screens, one or more at least that show all visible tabs/sections, and then be sure to also include main, advanced, security, boot and save and exit.

this screen of the bios. if u want original bios file from Clevo, i dnt have it cause  it's not on the official website.

i hope u can help me to unlock it

thank you

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.26 MB / Downloads: 6)
Thanks for zip, I will check it out. It would be good if you had original BIOS package, but it's maybe not necessary.
Why is it not on any official download location?

*Edit - I found this explanation for your BIOS name/download issue, that should help you locate the latest version (Those are old links)

Also, here is one from 2013, probably still newer ones out there too (On FTP from above I bet, 2015/2016 at least)

I will wait, and see if you figure out from above a newer or latest BIOS, then get that flashed, then take new backup and I will modify that for you.

Yes, I found latest here BIOS 115 and EC3 from 2016

Servers keep going down, as mentioned in the notebookreview thread, but I put these in a FTP app that will keep retrying every 30 seconds, so I will upload for you once I have them.

* Edit, mirror found!

Latest BIOS is here (1.15 at bottom)

Latest EC is in 1.09, update to that package first, Update EC first, reboot then update BIOS

Then you can update to 1.15 last, then send me backup. I would prefer FPT backup, that way I can direct you how to flash with FPT too, it's safer than AFU
Here is FPT version to use, once you are on 1.15 BIOS, not sure if this will work on earlier BIOS due to not knowing their ME FW version

Run following command from command prompt at the FPTw.exe folders location
FPTw.exe -d backup.bin
Then im must update EC first 1.09
Download from this link right?

Then im update lates bios 1.15 download from this link

So after all im going to backup the newer bios use FPT backup then send for ur to mod it .

Sorry if i ask a lot , just to make sure that the steps i”ll take are correct

And last that bios update safe for my notebook, im afraid my notebook Bios are damaged
Yes, do the 1.09 update first, it should contain instructions on update process, you update EC first, then reboot and run update again for BIOS.
Never mind, I checked and no instructions, here I give you my short ones Big Grin This all done from Bootable DOS USB stick

1. Run step1.bat then reboot if it does not reboot for you
2. Run step2.bat, reboot if it does not do that for you, then enter BIOS once it's done and load optimal defaults and set AHCI back if not already set
3. Flash BIOS 1.15 via update.bat

Then update to 1.15 BIOS, then yes, you will make a new backup with FPT for me to modify, then I will show you how to flash it back with FPT once I'm done with the modifications.

No problem about asking questions, I know BIOS flashing worries people, so feel free to stop any time and ask any questions you want!

What BIOS update is safe? Yes, that BIOS update is meant for your model, straight from Clevo. Boot screen may change, which we can put back if you want, since some OEM's change this logo. I just triple checked DMI info and BIOS ID"s, all match your 1.12 version backup for version 1.09 and 1.15 above, so yes this is correct BIOS for your system
hi lost

i want to ask for the step for update EC and Update Bios

in ur instructions

1. step 1 and step 2 for EC updates after that step 3 for updating bios is correct?

cause file update.bat in the bios file

2. then after I run update.bat have I finished the bios update 1.15?
Sorry if it was not clear!

This for BIOS 1.09 package (Do both first)
1. Run step1.bat then reboot if it does not reboot for you << This updates the EC
2. Run step2.bat, reboot if it does not do that for you << This updates the BIOS to 1.09

Then from 115 package
3. Flash BIOS 1.15 via update.bat << This of course updates BIOS to 1.15 after above two done already

Then done, and system BIOS is 1.15 and EC 4

Then run following to get backup BIOS to send to me for edit.
FPTw.exe -d backup.bin
Greetings, hope you're doing well!

I have a laptop with a Clevo W240HU motherboard which I've been trying to mod the AMI bios by myself for a little while, but I haven't had much luck so far unlocking the hidden options. It seems a bit different from the majority of solutions I have seen, which seem to consist of some bits set to 0 in the "Setup" module. In this particular case, analyzing the image in UEFITool and the IFR files, it seems that the hidden options are the actual "Setup" module, and the module that is loaded and shown as bios is a separate one called"OemSetupPage", which is the more limited default. Changing the hidden values in AMIBCP does work (I have managed to overclock RAM and increase VRAM by flashing an image with modified failsafe and optimal values), but it would be a lot better to not have to re-flash the image every time and have direct access to the menus. I have attached both IFR's for the "Setup" and "OemSetupPage", and an image of the menu structure in AMIBCP.

So, to enumerate what I've already done:
  • Setting access to USER in AMIBCP (no change)
  • Swapping the modules in UEFITool (no change)
  • Deleting the "OemSetupPage" module (blue blank screen)
  • Swapping sections of the modules (no significant change)
As it is, I'm kind of stuck at this point, reading about the UEFI protocol to see if I can shine any light on the matter, and trying understand how at least some of it works, and in the end, I'm mostly trying to learn.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I'd like to say that I'm aware of the risks, but bricking the board isn't much of an issue, as it has already happened a couple of times, and I can just desolder the IC and flash it again with a little programmer I have around, also having a few spare IC's, just in case. I'll make any alterations, need be, and provide necessary information or pictures. Pointing out any mistakes is very welcome, by all means.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.txt   setup_guid IFR.txt (Size: 292.64 KB / Downloads: 2)
.txt   oemsetup_guid IFR.txt (Size: 26.56 KB / Downloads: 1)
Please link to stock BIOS I will check it for you. And please give some images of your BIOS, main, advanced, security, boot, and save/exit pages.

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