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[REQUEST] Gigabyte G41MT-ES2L unlock and cpu microcode update
Ok, so I had another MOBO which I got to add the microcodes myself, but this one I can't open it with any of the Award tools, it either opens and immediately closes the cmd prompt, or it just doesn't open at all. I would like to have it unlocked and cpu mcodes updated. I have a Xeon L5430 which is LGA771. I would like to at least try and overclock it up 100~200MHz, but this stock BIOS can't help me, it either only let's me overclock it about 30MHz or it simply resets the options to default when booting. I have a better cooler than before (around 15ºC less (idle) and 10ºC at 100% of difference in comparison with before) and I want to have a try.
Quote:Xeon L5430
CPUID signature: 1067A
Family: 6 (06h)
Model: 23 (017h)
Stepping: 10 (0Ah)

Link to the latest BIOS here
And before you ask, yes, I did change the .F5 extension to .ROM in my attempts.
Best regards,
Try to flash IdeaFix's mod or genius239's mod.
Oh, my. Were these actually here? I looked for it but I only found for another model. Thanks, will try these. Genius239 has helped me again it seems. This guy's awesome!

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