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[REQUEST] HP 3141sl CPU "upgrade"
Hi to everyone!
I am Marco from Italy.
I have a request for anyone who can help me on this forum.
I have a hp Pavilion dv6 model/series 3141sl
Recently I have bought a CPU (an i7 640M) to make an "upgrade" (the i7 640M is almost similiar to my i7 720qm but it should generate less heat), but with my bios I can not start anything (black screen).

I mount on my laptop motherboard (actually) a i7 720qm cpu, the mobo, instead, is an hp da0lx6mb6h1 rev h.
Yesterday, from this site, I downloaded the modded bios sp55299_AdvancedMenu_ByCamiloml that works greats and unlock everything but... Still my laptop with i7 640m on don't start and show only a black screen.

The original bios was hp F29 of november 21 2011 and it is at this link: 

I attached the screenshot and a report to this post.

I am not sure for a donor bios... 
I think that the Hp dv6 models are  only a "cutted" version of dv7 models that are very similar. 
I am also almost sure that the HP Elite series have a full compatibility with i7 640M cpu but my knowlwdge are limited on this field.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english

Best regards

- Marco
Post a screenshot of third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z with supported CPU.

1. Take USB stick and format to FAT32
2. Create directory structure EFI\Boot
3. Download and unzip bootx64.7z
4. Put BOOTX64.EFI to Boot directory.
5. Boot from this USB stick
6. Run command:
setup_var 0x20A
7. Make and post foto of the screen with result.
Now black screen
not informative
I have prepared the USB stick, changed the boot sequence for boot from USB and the laptop now is stuck. It does not boot at all give me only a black screen. After few minutes also the CPU fan turns off.
Do you use old CPU? Can you boot from HDD now?
Yes I have used old CPU the i7 720qm. No it does not boot from HD at all. Only black screen with the power led on
1) remove AC jack, Main Battery, and CMOS Battery
2) remove HDD and all DIMMs
3) wait 10 mins
4) press and hold power button for 30 sec.
5) install CMOS Battery and one DIMM only, inject AC jack (without Main Battery!)
6) try to boot your laptop.
OK. Now I'll try. I have attached the manual with the official supported CPU
Now it "starts" for two seconds (always black screen) then also the system (also the led and fan) shut down. I'll try again

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