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[REQUEST] HP Beats Special Edition 15-p030nr
Hi, I've been planning to attempt to install an unlocked BIOS on my  HP Beats Special Edition 15-p030nr so I could have Overclocking and CPU/APU Tweaking capabilities that aren't in the stock BIOS. Honestly this would be my first time doing this, and this laptop is a throwaway laptop that I'm just trying to refresh for current gen games. I couldn't find a link to the current BIOS installed on the device but I do have a link to the latest BIOS, let me know if I need to update the BIOS first before installing a Custom BIOS. Please do tell if you need anything more to complete the request Big Grin

BIOS Link(F.46 Rev.A)

HWinfo Dump:

Motherboard ---------------------------------------------------------------

  Computer Brand Name:                    Hewlett-Packard HP Beats 15 Notebook PC
  Motherboard Model:                      Hewlett-Packard 22A8
  Motherboard Chipset:                    AMD Hudson-2/3/4
  Motherboard Slots:                      3xPCI Express x1
  PCI Express Version Supported:          v2.0
  USB Version Supported:                  v3.0
  BIOS Manufacturer:                      American Megatrends Inc.
  BIOS Date:                              03/17/2017
  BIOS Version:                           F.45
  AMD AGESA Version:                      RichlandPI      V1.1.0.7    
  UEFI BIOS:                              Capable
  Super-IO/LPC Chip:                      Unknown

BIOS ----------------------------------------------------------------------

  BIOS Vendor:                            American Megatrends Inc.
  BIOS Version:                           F.45
  BIOS Release Date:                      03/17/2017
  BIOS Start Segment:                     F000
  BIOS Size:                              4096 KBytes
  System BIOS Version:                    15.69
  Embedded Controller Firmware Version:   90.65
  ISA Support:                            Not Present
  MCA Support:                            Not Present
  EISA Support:                           Not Present
  PCI Support:                            Present
  PC Card (PCMCIA) Support:               Not Present
  Plug-and-Play Support:                  Not Present
  APM Support:                            Not Present
  Flash BIOS:                             Present
  BIOS Shadow:                            Present
  VL-VESA Support:                        Not Present
  ESCD Support:                           Not Present
  Boot from CD:                           Present
  Selectable Boot:                        Present
  BIOS ROM Socketed:                      Not Present
  Boot from PC Card:                      Not Present
  EDD Support:                            Present
  NEC PC-98 Support:                      Not Present
  ACPI Support:                           Present
  USB Legacy Support:                     Present
  AGP Support:                            Not Present
  I2O Boot Support:                       Not Present
  LS-120 Boot Support:                    Not Present
  ATAPI ZIP Drive Boot Support:           Not Present
  IEE1394 Boot Support:                   Not Present
  Smart Battery Support:                  Present
  BIOS Boot Specification Support:        Present
  Function key-initiated Network Service Boot Support: Present
  Targeted Content Distribution Support:  Present
  UEFI Specification Support:             Present
  Virtual Machine:                        Not Present
I also same model of laptop with motherboard and chip set and would like to be able to access AHCI instead of IDE. through a bios unlock

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