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[REQUEST] HP Pavilion g7-2352er Unlock/Whitelist Removal

I'm in the process of refitting an old HP laptop into a home server / HTPC, it's mostly for giggles so I don't sweat about bricking it. I do want to try a miniPCI-E to PCI-E extender with either a NIC or graphics for cuda or whatnot. Either way, the whitelist present on the laptop is the only thing keeping me from proceeding.

The laptop is HP Pavilion g7-2352er. The only available BIOS update is located here.
I haven't been successful in dumping the current BIOS, since the original drive is long gone I'm not able to just yank it out of the EFI partition.

Here's an album with pictures of all available options. Sorry for the shoddy quality, but I'm working with a horizontal panel that has exactly one acceptable viewing angle. 

Which brings me to advanced options. The laptop won't display boot sequence / bios on external monitor. It also isn't possible to start the laptop with the hall sensor tripped, the power button just doesn't do anything. If I trip the sensor right after starting it up, the attached panel goes off, but still no output to external monitor. No panel connected? No video output till the OS. Is it possible to force the laptop to output to external panel?

The second option that I'd like to have is WoL.

That's about it. So if the above options aren't exactly prone to unlocking, whitelist removal is the only thing I'm looking for.
I'm able to provide any additional info and I'm willing to be a guinea pig for any sort of tests since, as I said above, I won't be crying over the laptop if I brick it. Thank you in advance.

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