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[REQUEST] Lenovo G580 (5ECNxxWW) Bios Unlock
i want to unlock all the BIOS settings and specially the Graphics card Memory usage Settings and the Fan settings i don't have any idea how to do that so please give detailed information how to do that
i just got it a week ago so i don't want to break it and i want to get good gaming performance so i want to risk a little bit not to much
BIOS : 5ECN92WW(V8.04)
Chipset : Intel 154 rev 9
motherboard : 20150
windows 8 64 bit
if you need anything just ask in comments
I'm currently in pogress of modding my Lenovo G580 BIOS backup and so far I did update to the latest:
- Microcode
- SandyBridge, IvyBridge GOP Drivers and non-UEFI VGA bios.
- Atheros PXE UNDI rom
- Intel RST OROM and SataDriver
The updated backup is flashed with fpt.exe in DOS and everything is working fine so far, but I would like to unlock SetupUtility tabs.
Can anyone do it for this Lenovo BIOS or point me in the right direction? I tried messing with IDA Pro dissasembler but couldn't figure it out
Also WLAN whitelist removal would be niceSmile but not neccessay as I edited my AR9285 WLAN rom to match SUBSYS required by whitelist check.
If someone doesn't want to patch the BIOS himself for lack of time or whatever reason just let me know how to do it myself. (PM me)

-Manufacturer: Lenovo
-Motherboard Model: G580
-Slic: NO SLIC (don't need it)
-Bios revision: 96 (5ECN96WW)
-Bios Type: Insyde H2O
-Motherboard: QIWG5
-BIOS backup (the one that is modded and working):
Lenovo N580 (20182)
bios 5ECN96WW(9.01)
hope someone can help
Hello. I have a problem with my bios. My original bios was 5ECN33WW (v2.03) and all worked correctly. Later I've found new version on lenovo's site and I'd downloaded it and installed it. After that I started have problems with my booting system which is descibed here (not my post). My actual bios is [Image: 35xx.jpg]
and backup file from it. I've found older bios for g580(20150) and it's here. Could someone please help me to flash older bios back? I'm worried about it Sad. Thanks for you help people!
Hello dears

could u please unlock this bios (advanced and power) also if it is possible to remove cpu limitation from this thanks in advice.
Can someone unlock my bios insydeh20 5ecn41ww (v4.00) i need overclocking options?
-Type: Laptop
-Model:Lenovo G580ah
-Bios Version: Lenovo insydeh20 5ECN41WW (v4.00)

backup with this, run as administrator, upload result

This file belongs to an account that hasn't been activated yet."

sry my mistake its active now Smile

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