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[REQUEST] Lenovo Thinkpad T430 (G1ETxxWW) Whitelist Removal

very disapionted with Lenovo ! The Gobi2000 from my old T410 is not allowed in my T430 ...

Model : Thinkpad T430 ( 2344-CTO )
BIOS Version : 1.16
WWAN Card to be used : Gobi 2000 (
D/L :

Thanks a lot !
I couldn't find a complete guide on how to do it myself - if there is one please give me a link Smile
I too would be interested in a disabled-whitelist mod of this bios, although I would be using it for a different wireless card (an Intel Ultimate-N 6300). The updated bios is here:

Thanks a lot!
I nearly sold my brand new T430 when I found out about the whitelist. I too would like a modded bios to be made, and if nobody is interested in making it, I am willing to try it out myself. If someone could direct me to where to learn up on this that would be great. I absolutely need to use an atheros chip, not the intel one.
I would like to make a request also! Thanks!
A BIOS Mod to remove the Whitelist for WIFI Cards would be greatly appreciated although for the t430s. Might be the same BIOS might be the wrong thread, i don't mean to hijack it.

Here is a link for a more recent BIOS (g1uj12us.exe):
I would really like this BIOS to be modded for wireless card whitelist removal, (for Atheros AR9382) or I will be selling my laptop very soon.

Again, if there are any up to date guides for me to try this myself, please link them.

Thanks in advance.
Upon doing some further research on the matter, it seems that all of Lenovo's current Ivy Bridge laptops' BIOS are much harder to modify than any previous generation has been, due to certificate authentication or something. I have decided to sell my T430 to buy an X220 instead. Its a shame I didn't know about this before I purchased the laptop. Shouldn't Lenovo have a disclaimer somewhere on their site?
Hello everyone. I have been directed here to ask about getting a modified BIOS for the T430. I need to install a Atheros chip into my laptop. It pains me to see that Lenovo does something like this. I really love this laptop, but I need to swap out the Intel Wireless chip with an Atheros chip. I would brave the modification of the BIOS myself but do not have the tools to do so. Thanks in advance if someone can make a BIOS for us. Cool
Can somebody mod T430 2349-H2G bios..
I have now H5321gw card and I want to use HP Ericsson F5521gw wwan card.
I use uefi bios (I dont know is it different?)

Orginal bios is this
- Manufacturer: Lenovo
- BIOS Revision: G1ET91WW (2.51 )
- BIOS Type: Phoenix
- BIOS Download Link:

- RW Everything Report Download Link:
- Current card: /
- Card to be added: wwan Ericsson F5521 gw KRD 131 18/3 81 R1
CMIT ID: 2010CJ5542

Thank You in advance

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