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[REQUEST] Phenom 1055T on M3N-WS
Due to latest events I unfortunately need to work at home where I have a way old ASUS M3N-WS motherboard based pc (nforce 730a chipset).
I have also a spare Phenom II x6 1055T 95W from another computer that died last year (motherboard's chipset failure).

I was wondering if would be possible to add support for this cpu to my motherboard, I understand this may seems quite a stupid aim for such an ancient hardware and yes, I have not enough knowledge to do that (I would basically [censored] up everything I guess), but let's say circumstances made me wanna give it a try.
I found that based on the same chipset is the Gigabyte GA-M85M-US2H, which offers support for latest AM3 x6 cpus.

Would be something too crazy? M3N-WS support up to 95W cpus (phenom II x4 945 955 965 etc) and fortunately my 1055T is at least not a 130W model.
I tryed to just swap the cpu and I can access the BIOS (no os boot) where the processor incorrectly, showing 2 cores, this is what gave me the hope.

Added pictures of the main screen with correct amount of RAM  and the CPU info screen

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.bin   0605.BIN (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 1)
This BIOS hasn't support for hexa core CPUs. I don't know any simple way to add it.

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