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[REQUEST] Please Help! Toshiba Satellite A500-1GL i5-560M upgrade
i have just bought an Intel Core i5-560M to upgrade a Toshiba Satellite A500-1GL that as stock mount an Intel Core i3-330M.
The problem is that when i try to boot my PC with the new CPU the PC screen remain black, and no post message are showed.
I've put in back the Intel Core i3-330M and the notebook works OK.
You can download the latest BIOS here:

BIOS Download Link

Could you please look if there is some possibility to unlock the bios to support the i5-560M??.
Thanks in advance!!.
Could anyone please help me, and tell me the supported CPU's looking into the bios file?. I don't know exactly how to do it.
Thanks in advance!.
Help please...
I've analyzed microcodes your BIOS:
Offset   Size   Version  CPUID
0x370048 0x1400 FFFF0012 020651 (Arrandale ES)
0x371448 0x1800 00000008 020652 (Arrandale stepping C2)
0x372C48 0x0C00 FFFF0006 0106E3 (Clarksfield ES)
0x373848 0x1800 00000003 0106E5 (Clarksfield stepping B1)
from 0x375048 to 0x381AAE filled by 0xFF
Second copy of microcodes starts with 0x3F0E70 and it haven't empty space!
CPUs with Arrandale core stepping C2 (CPUID:20652) are supported only:
  1. i3-330M (SLBMD)
  2. i3-350M (SLBPK)
  3. i5-430M (SLBPN)
  4. i5-520M (SLBNB)
  5. i5-540M (SLBPG)
  6. i7-620M (SLBPD)
Noone can run Arrandale core stepping K0 (CPUID:20655) in Toshiba's laptops for EU. Read this topic.

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