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[REQUEST] Toshiba L745 Modded Bios Whitelist Removal
Hello I have a Toshiba L745 with Insyde BIOS. I was already modded before (to show hidden settings), and now I tried hooking up a eGPU to the laptop. Apparently the mPCIe slot has a whitelist and I need to remove before I can start with the eGPU set-up. Can somebody help me in trying to remove the whitelist of the current BIOS, especially since the BIOS was already modded before, or if it's even possible. (Should I then revert to an older version of the BIOS and then remove the whitelist from there?).

Include are the screenshots of CPU-Z of the system, and the zip file of the modded bios I used to flash my system. Thanks for the help!

[Image: Untitled.png]
[Image: Capture.png]

Modded BIOS Link

Added some more links of BIOS backups and original instalation, plus WiFi car Info
BIOS backup ROM
Original Unmodded Installer

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